Uvalde Lessons Learned

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Armoured One and SEI Design Group, with assistance from Mannington Commercial, are teaming to highlight lessons learned from previous active shooter incidents in the same way doctors study the issues they face. Similarities in previous active shooter events inform districts on how to focus security budgets to effectively protect students, staff and school communities during these events.

  1. Present research on over 1500 active Shooter Incidents in America from 1970 to the present.
  2. Identify how to save lives in the future through awareness, training, hardware, technology, and testing standards.
  3. Review the Uvalde Debrief to learn from the failures that occurred during that attack.

There are still K-12 school buildings that need to be analyzed for how to protect against active shooter events.

Even schools that have been analyzed have operation and management issues that need to be understood and dealt with.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the history of active shooter incidents in K-12 Schools.
  2. Learn what went wrong in Uvalde.
  3. Learn how to effectively maximize your security budget.
  4. Learn effective architectural solutions and designs for security.
Thomas Czyz
Thomas Czyz
CEO and Co-Founder of Armoured One, Retired Homicide Detective, Tom@armouredone.com

Tom has devoted ten years of his life to protecting schools from active shooters and is nationally and globally respected for his knowledge of active shooter and school security. His work has been highlighted by the Rolling Stones, Forbes Magazine, Viewpoint, and a number of local, national, regional, and international news agencies. Tom is a nationally renowned motivational speaker and expert in active shooter and security issues. Tom has also presented on school attack failures and lessons learned to government officials, school superintendents, school boards, school facility associations, school transportation groups, houses of worship, and public safety leadership at the state and federal levels. His efforts have been acknowledged by school administrators, government officials, and the families of those he has helped save.

Eric Tomosky
Eric Tomosky
Senior Project Manager, SEI Design Group, ejt@seidesigngroup.com

Eric has worked with school districts in New York State for over 30 years, lending his skills to the creation of projects that reflect the communities’ values. He takes pride in forming effective teams that work to improve student learning and safety. Every K-12 school project has a common theme: utilizing a proven set of security tools to effectively secure students, employees, and school communities, within tight budgets and compressed timelines. His primary objective for each project is to achieve this while preserving a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Maximilian Cavalli
Maximilian Cavalli
Director of Education, Mannington Commercial 

Max is a passionate leader in the K-12 and higher education segments who has demonstrated a commitment to the advancement and mentorship of children as a four-time Big Brother. Max is an active member of the Junior Achievement Program in Portland, Maine, and the proud father of four adult children and Grandfather to four awesome grandchildren.

Throughout his efforts, both personally and professionally, Max strives to develop educational environments that are safe, inviting, and creative. Max brings more than 30 years of experience in the commercial flooring industry to his work and partners closely with architects, design professionals, sustainability leaders, maintenance innovators and end-users to create flooring solutions that offer exceptional performance, elevated design, and lower-cost maintenance solutions.  

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