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This presentation will showcase the complex trajectory leading toward the successful opening of the Tulsa Public School’s Stem Center within the Discovery Lab Museum in Tulsa, OK. Creative partnerships are often critical to create successful and long-term solutions for our community’s most needed commodity, public school children. We will showcase how the design team spearheaded the unique collaboration between the Museum and the district bringing together two clients to accomplish their independent vision and missions in a symbiotic facility, amid other challenges of designing within a highly intricate public-private park and during a pandemic. While engaged in designing the Discovery Lab, a highly anticipated new children’s museum at the Gathering Place, our firm was also assisting Tulsa Public Schools with separate design concepts with partnerships for their STEM Center. This session will explore the goals and objectives of each, how they found each other, and their plans for how to make the long-term partnership successful both in terms of finances, as well as with their unique programming.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about integrating and managing a project within a complex partnership of public, private and consulting partners to create an integrated project team.
  2. Understand the challenges of providing a collaborative structure for STEM Programming through a non-profit organizational structure.
  3. Learn ways to provide community engagement to a diverse stakeholder group with a combination of public and private funds.
  4. Explore how to think about providing equitable in STEM Programming across a school district.
Sarah Gould
Sarah Gould, AIA, A4LE
Owner, KKT Architects,

Sarah is the President and CEO of KKT Architects. Education and community are her passions, and she works closely with most school districts in the region. Sarah is Past-President of Oklahoma A4LE and serves on the board of the Foundation for Tulsa Schools. She earned her Master of Architecture from the University of Texas, Austin and her Master of Architectural Urban Studies from the University of Oklahoma, Tulsa.

Lynnsey Childress-Wimp
Lynnsey Childress-Wimp

Lynnsey is Discovery Lab’s Director of Exhibits and Visitor Engagement. She has been with the organization since 2015. In her current role, she leads the development, design, and production of all original exhibits as well as their facilitation and evaluation once they are on the floor. She has over sixteen years of experience in informal education, program design, evaluation, and exhibit development. She received her B.S. in Health and Human Performance from Oklahoma State University, and is currently working on her Masters in Organizational Leadership at OU.

Kate Cofer
Kate Cofer, AIA, IIDA, PMP
Principal, Business Engagement Lead, KKT Architects

Kate’s passion is designing nurturing interior environments that shape human experiences. Her time is focused on project management and interior architecture. She excels in building repositioning, public space improvements, workplace strategy and design, and both renovation and new construction of corporate offices. She works to communicate clearly, to stay on top of deadlines, and to provide resources for efficient, successful, and timely completion of projects. Kate’s goal for all her projects is to explore creative innovative possibilities with clients, helping them achieve their vision. She brings energy to each project, and clients love her enthusiasm and competence. She has received numerous national and state design awards.

Track: The Learners’ Experience

What is the learners’ experience? Who are they? How do they differ? How do they respond differently from one another to similar environments? Is there a one-size-fits-all solution? Or is a custom solution composed of aggregate parts more appropriate?

Primary Core Competency
Educational Facility Pre-Design Planning: Manages a master planning process that combines educational planning, facilities assessment and utilization, demographic research, capital planning and educational specifications with a community-based vision to establish a plan for learning environments. This includes the ability to translate existing or aspirational instructional models to specific programming and spatial relationships.

Learning Units/Health, Safety, Welfare (LU/HSW)
This presentation will include discussion on how to think strategically about partnerships and unique methods to provide STEM access and programming equitably throughout a public school district for all children. 

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